WAP Site Development

A WAP site development consists of WAP pages like a web site. These WAP pages are necessary because it will allow a user to download information they are interested in. These website is specially designed for the WAP phone, as the speed is very slow, all the data on the pages has to be less and as per different phones the screens will also be different of every mobiles.

Universal spread of mobile communication open new opportunities and provide interest of owners of mobile phones to access in the Internet. Access through mobile devices to the information in the Internet is provided by special protocol WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

Responsive Web Design

These days every company wants to provide a nice browsing experience to its users whether they use an an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Mobile phone, BlackBerry or any Tablet. Here, Responsive Web comes to the rescue to make website compatible to different types and size of mobile devices .

CSS Media Query

CSS Media Query is the technology behind the responsive web design.